The Tops Internship Program is designed to journey alongside young emerging leaders and champion them to explore and discover their personal calling.

By creating meaningful connection and a place to belong, the Internship invites individuals into a two-year, live-in temporary community experience, filled with growth and fun The two-year process facilitates environments for professional workplace upskilling, character development, discipleship and gaining valuable life skills.

Interns undertake a Diploma of Christian Studies facilitated by the Australian College of Ministry (ACOM) and expand their understanding and critical thinking about faith in Jesus. This also includes a two-year, spiritual formation journey with trained facilitators and a personal spiritual mentor.

Each year the Internship includes a discovery experience either nationally or internationally to visit and serve other camping ministries, to grasp a broader understanding of the dynamic nature of temporary community environments.
Application processes commence in November with annual intake each January. Email completed applications to


This isn’t just a training program to learn how to do a job. It’s an opportunity to make your faith practical, and discover how God teaches us through community, adventure, risk and saying yes. No matter where you end up after these two years, you’ll have learnt what it means to say yes to what God has for you next.
The internship provided me a space where I was able to discover more of who I am and who God is. I was embraced by the community of the Tops who became my intern family as I was a part of day to day camp life. Through experiences and having people believe in me over the two years of the internship, I developed my leadership skills, confidence and love for camping. So many incredible memories and two years of my life that are definitely some of the best!
The internship has been two big formative years in my life. I could never have anticipated the adventure I experienced, the friendships that have been created and the personal formation journey I have gone on. It has exposed me to passionate people who love what they do, both at The Tops and in the wider Christian camping community.