Verge Mentors

What is required:

  • To Attend the retreat in December.
  • To mentor 2-3 young people during that time.
  • To commit to connect with each of them 2-3 throughout the year.

Cost:  $40


  • To create a temporary environment where young people can encounter Christ and grow deeper in Him. (Retreat) 
  • To strengthen their foundation in order for them to withstand the challenges they will face on the journey towards adulthood (Discipleship).
  • To give them tools to holdfast when their faith is rocked, that they will be anchored to Him. (Centred on God).
  • To Empower them to know that when temptation comes they will know they are not alone in the journey (Mentors).
  • To teach them to know that they are called to be a part of His big story. (Serving)