We know, we know, you’re a teenager and you’ve just realised that you’re too old to be a camper, too young to be a leader, but you’re desperate to be a part of camp! Don’t worry, we have the perfect place just for you.

You can apply to be a part of our Intern team at SYNC camping if you are in year 8- 12 at high school (or those ages). As an Intern, you spend the week diving into your own leadership development through playing a role in all elements of the behind the scenes of camp. Our Intern directors lead and support you all week long as you join one of our Intern teams. You
can apply for:

  • Kids Care- Care for our leaders kids who are 1-7 years old. They are too little to be campers whilemum or dad make camp happen, so they get a camp experience all of their own!
  • Creative- If you feel that you have gifting in worship, drama, dance or production, then this is theteam for you to be a part of.
  • Experience- This team is the one that makes camp fun! From buggying (always a fave!) throughthe bush to set up treasure hunts, to creating slime for days, to being an actual part of theadventure for campers, you will have a blast and a laugh a minute on this team!

“I love the opportunity to serve others and help them
grow in their walk with God. The camp environment is
a really unique way to serve God while being in an
amazing community of other interns and great leaders.”
- Jasmine

As an intern you are part of almost every element of camp. JZone, the experience, meals, leaders meetings, our leaders retreat and planning and preparation time. You will stay in our ensuite cabins that sleep six with other interns, and one of our key camp leaders.

You may have been a camper before, your Kids Pastor might be sending you along, or you’re just looking for a fun way to spend your holidays growing in your gifts! If this is you, then apply now, and we’ll get in touch with you with all the details if you’re successful!

The Important Stuff

Leaders Retreat: Saturday Sept 23rd, 9am

Camp: Sunday Sept 24th - Friday Sept 29th

There will be one pre camp meeting, at a date to be determined. This is your chance to meet the rest of the interning team and get all the info you need to know to prepare you for camp. We understand that it may be difficult for you to attend this night, so don’t sweat it if you can’t make it! Upon receiving your place on the team, you can RSVP to this night, or let us know if you can’t be there.


We are so thankful that you are giving up your time and energy to be a part of camp! There is a small fee of $100 for you to pay for SYNC 2017. This covers all accomodation, meals, activities, for the week, and your camp t shirt.

Head to the Register Now link and select the ‘Intern’ option for your application.


Be in year 8 to 12 at school, or equivalent age.
You must apply to be considered as an Intern at SYNC Lost in Space, and you will be accepted at the discretion of the camp directors. Application does not guarantee your position.
You must provide both a pastoral and a personal referee with your application.
Our SYNC leadership team will provide you with all other training you need for camp.