Friday 5th May - Monday 8th May 2017

Most men set off to change the world and then life comes barreling in like a raging river.

Young kids, young marriages, young careers and the margins evaporate, it then takes everything just to hold on for the ride!

What are the points we must have on our road map in order to find our bearings and move toward our destination?

These questions have been taken to wiser and matured men of character and a treasure chest of counsel and insight has been discovered, and so this platform has been created to share some of those treasures with other men on the masculine journey.

Men who long to become more whole and holy. Men that want to take the road less traveled, the "ancient paths" as the Scriptures say.

Men who want to lean into wisdom as the "craftsman at the hand of God before creation" (proverbs 2) 


"It is rare to encounter an experience and materials that you feel has set you up for the decades to come but in Intensive, that is what we have."

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Morgan Snyder has served alongside John Eldredge since before the inception of Ransomed Heart Ministries.

Originally developing and directing the retreats and conferences. Morgan now serves as a Speaker, Teacher and Director of Strategy

He is married to an extraordinary women, Cherie, and finds great joy in adventuring with his eleven year old son Joshua and his eight year old daughter Abigail. Morgan lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and when he's not with his family or on mission with Ransomed Heart, he is most often found on expeditions in the mountains of Colorado.


Morgan says:

"After over a decade of living in this stage and through sitting at the feet of over sixty sages, I've been compelled to share of the thoughts and help nourish other peers along the way..."

How will we find and stay on the narrow road that leads to life?

What if rather than building, God is inviting us to turn the model on its head and start digging?

What if digging was the beginning of becoming... Becoming good soil...What if God invited you into a decade of being apprenticed along the narrow road, the ancient path.